Cicatrice, A Path To Healing

As human beings evolving, we yearn for growth - something bigger than ourselves. Most of us do not know how to go about achieving this growth. Many of us yearn to heal on the inside and not knowing where or how to begin. Some of us are lost; some misunderstood and do not have confidence in ourselves; whilst still some of us are stuck, bitter and angry with everyone including ourselves; some of us are depressed and don’t know where to begin to untangle ourselves.

As a people – globally, we have been unknowingly blocking our growth without realizing or understanding why we are stuck. Every attempt we try to make to grow we continue to get stuck. We try different avenues but sometimes find ourselves right where we started off. We are clinging to the past and do not realize that we need to let go of the past and acknowledge and embrace the present” whatever the situation it is.

We need to “love ourselves like our lives depend on it” – not just openly saying that we love ourselves; or dressing up to look good on the outside. External affirmations are okay, but they just feeds our Ego. We must learn to discover the ability to move effortlessly and Living Life with More Passion, Meaning and Purpose. The secret of how to really filter this love internally becomes a contagious mirror reflection on the outside.

​​The reality is that our chosen leaders – elected or otherwise are a reflection of the collective thoughts of us as a people. When we constantly focus on what we do not want, it makes it difficult for us to attract what we truly want to be manifested. We have to believe that as individuals, we are each genuinely acknowledge from the depths of our souls that we are worth and deserve the good and positive we yearn for.

​​We need to make positive changes in our lives. We need to have conversations with ourselves and tell ourselves the truth about our problems or challenges. Change begins with identifying and being truthful about where we are. There’s a saying that “If we ignore the weeds, they will take over our lawn”. It may be uncomfortable to be honest with ourselves about our situation and how it is affecting us, but it is necessary if we want to make positive changes. What I know now is that it is okay for us to go through these experiences. The recent manifestations happening around the world is a reflection of the realities and the changes happening around us; which we must accept.

​​Such is life – we must learn to expect the unexpected! Nothing just happens - everything happens for a reason. What we see around us is either a lesson or a blessing and nothing more. “Aduna hel; bott; jamano! May we all be amongst those who understand and appreciate the signs evolving around us.

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