Embracing our “Oneness” for the Collective Good on Earth

One wonders what we currently are and what we continue to become. The realization that although some of us are aware that we are one in spirit, it seems to be only a mere concept to most of our consciousness.

Imagine what life would be like if we are able to not only realize that we are part of something greater than ourselves, but actually feel it, sense it, and indulge in it. Life was created for our greatness - for us to have each other’s back for us to walk alongside each other - for us to celebrate each other and for us to acknowledge, encourage and appreciate each other for who and what we are.

When each of us was born, we arrived on this earth with an open mind and an open heart that was non-judgmental. We came not as Muslims or Christians, or Jewish, or Buddhist or Atheist. We arrived as sprits in human bodies and we still are. We arrived as an expression of the “Love” of “Our Creator” to fulfil a purpose in each of our journeys here on earth.

Have we ever wondered how the messages we interpret and deliver from the “One Creator” seems to be different interpretations? Have we ever wondered how majority of us believe in the same “One Creator”, yet we have rules and regulations of segregation and discrimination amongst and against our brothers and sisters?

One wonders how and why we indulge in labelling each other as “good” or “bad”; as “right” or “wrong” as “black” or “white”; as “Muslim”, “Christian”, “Jewish” or “Buddhist”; as “male or female or transgender; or as African, European, Asian, American and so on? What is with the labels? Are we not intelligent enough beings to realize that it does not matter or make sense; that we are all one – same energy; same force here on earth for a purpose? That we all have equally the same intelligence, access and more than enough abundance for all to share from “Our Creator”?

What will it take for us to shift our mindset from the rhetoric of “loving our brother like ourselves” to the reality of actually demonstrating this Love which is an expression of who we are. What will it take for us to “treat thy neighbor like we treat ourselves”? What will take for us to Love and appreciate each other just as we are without attaching the labels and judging?

How can we re-program our consciousness and our sub-consciousness to engage in positive, productive and loving thoughts that can eventually be manifested into action towards one another?

“Please bear with me as more pondering and reflections download from within”


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