Tapping Within

How can we tap into and align on the same frequency as the energy around us to attract what we desire? A shift in mindset perhaps, or an acceptance of love from above as a means to achieve inner peace and compassion.

One wonders habitually whether we are actually indulging in those clandestine conversations within in an attempt to realise that “we have value” and that “we are valuable”, whether the efforts towards resurrecting the soul is a conscious one or not.

The answers we seek outside and from others are all found within. Let’s work together; support each other and lift each other to aspire. We all have the direct line and direct access to align on the same frequency as the energy around us to attract what we desire. We can all increase our vibrations to live from the “Love Above” to attain inner peace and compassion and attract what we desire. The answers lie within us if only we open up to listen.

How can we call upon “Our Universal Managers” who are always on “Stand-by” waiting for the “magic word” to awaken us?

How can we pray, and then quiet our minds to receive the responses and answers? When we pray, we talk to “Our Creator”. How often do we find the time to “Listen to Our Creator”? Are we aware that his responses are through our intuitions; through the signs on the roadside; through the signs on the TV; through the signs of the two people talking right next to you; through the bird chirping on the window?

“Please bear with me as more pondering and reflections download from within”

#InnerSelf #Growth #Mind #Love

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