Taming The Beast

Almost every culture around the world, has a an adage or proverb that references the more tainted side we all have hidden within us, this alone is to extent a testament to the veracity of its existence. Where we differ as people is in our capacity to give in to it. So how does one go about taming the beast, the ego, that little voice within that constantly nags whether we choose to listen or not. Unfortunately one can not simply get rid of the ego all together, but I've come to believe thats our best chance at diffusing it effectiveness lies in our ability to forgive, to be non-judgemental, and liberate as oppose to suppress.

Don't get me wrong, it has it moments, a necessary evil if you will, because on the one hand our egos are reactional in a sense to protect us. On the other hand, it can be a menace constantly judging; providing an opinion and always wanting to be in control; wanting to be right; wanting to be in power. When we allow our egos to take control over our lives, it becomes very difficult to tame this beast and makes it extremely difficult to tap into our intuition which is our source; the avenue through which our Soul speaks to us.

Therefore, how can we support each other to develop the necessary skills to manage our egos? How do we learn to let go of the control and power over; the eagerness to judge; the rush to be right? the addiction to deny our human self to say “I am sorry” and mean it. How can we starve our ego from wanting to be in power and to control - the need to be right all the time?

As we manage to starve and tame our ego, we will notice how our intuition becomes stronger. When the ego pops in every now and again, it helps being a passive observer; a simple smile to yourself to acknowledge its presence and a subtle statement like “we are not going down that path today” could do the trick. A conscious attempt to learn the skills necessary to become aware of the voice inside of ourselves that never stops chattering can be a fulfilling achievement. Once we are able to tame “the beast” we are better able to tap into our intuition. The more we embark on this exercise, the easier and naturally it gets for your intuition to come forth.

What I know now, is that when the chatter in my head keeps going on, I simply stand in from of a mirror or if there is no mirror, I just say to it, “I know it is you and I do not wish to indulge in this conversation”. I am not and will not listen to you. This works miracles for me. The thought disappears. I repeat the same statement when another negative thought appears - I watch as a bystander and let it chatter without allowing it to influence my positive thoughts. Similarly, I can actually say to myself, I do not like the way I am feeling right now. I choose to change the feeling and can also choose to change the thought if it is not something I like.

“Please bear with me as more pondering and reflections download from within”

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