Knowing When Inspiration Strikes

When you live your life in-spirit, when you are inspired, ……..dormant forces, facilities, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be (PATANJALI in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Inspiration, your ultimate calling).

There is inspiration in each and every one of us and we know it. We feel in every now and then. It dawns in on us; sometimes, subtly and sometimes, we are not even aware that we are inspired. For those who are privileged to know what it feels like to be inspired, it becomes a rush that happens so fast like a stroke of lightning. Some experience inspiration over long period and for others, it can disappear as quickly as it arrives.

What does it mean to be inspired? One of my spiritual gurus, Dr. Wayne Dyer refers to being inspired as being “in-spirit”. Being inspired can also be referred to in ordinary terms as our “gut feeling”; our intuition” – not the Ego, but the one we feel in our stomach, “our ninth or tenth sense” - a feeling of being “in awe”. When all the “dots” connect; when one is able to read the signs around them; that feeling that one cannot explain; the feeling of being at peace with oneself; of being in love with oneself and everything else; the feeling of joy; the feeling of contentment; the feeling of being in a crowded and noisy room and still be in one’s own bubble”;

How does one really know if they are inspired one might ask? My most recent re-collection and experience of “being inspired” “of knowing” was the day I decided to start writing my memoirs. I typed 30 pages in one day and could not stop. My hands ached; but I could not stop. I was not hungry; I did not want to use the bathroom; it was like reading a book or watching a movie that you are so immersed in that you do not want to see the commercial breaks. I woke up one Sunday (morning having decided the day before to lay in and have a late brunch that Sunday). My eyes wide open at 9.30am refusing to shut again – as if I had an important appointment. I started to write my book at 12 noon and stopped at 2am the next morning (after my husband advised that sitting for that long was unhealthy for me). Even as I put down my laptop, I still could not switch my mind off and could not sleep. The next day, (fortunately a national holiday), I started writing again at 10am and stopped at 10pm. I wrote the first draft of my memoirs of 27,662 words and fifty-six pages in literally 5 days without going through my draft, editing or reviewing the content. It felt like my brain was “downloading” from its archives and could not stop. The following weekend, I edited my zero draft. by the third weekend, I was searching for editor/agents. I was online looking for publishers. Something came through my junk mail (and I do not usually go through my junk mails) – something related to Hay House newsletter. I signed up for Hay House Publishing newsletters; watched video tips of Reid Tracy’s on writing and publishing. I participated in two online writer’s seminars and workshops and wrote to twelve different editors. The first editor who responded to my enquiry within 3 days, read and accepted my manuscript and the rest was history. If that is not inspiration, I do not know what is – especially for someone that never claimed to be a writer. My desire to “tell my story”; not sugar-coated, unedited – sharing the lessons and the blessings sparked my alignment with something I could not explain. The feeling of some inner force, rush and urge to get on with it; the feeling of not being able to stop until it got done was ignited - I knew then that I was in-Spirit.

Together let’s ignite that rush; that urge; that force; that contentment within us and stay connected to being always inspired.

“Please bear with me as more pondering and reflections download from within”


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