Emotions and Reactions towards Mass Social Evolution

With the advent of technological revolution, access to first-hand information on what is happening around us has in some ways become a blessing for some. How we react to and respond to that information through technology is key and will vary from person to person based on the type and sort of information we are privileged to have or not have. It is also based on the experiences, exposure and background of the individuals receiving the information. Naturally, the responses and reactions from people receiving the same information will not and cannot be the same. We are going through a social evolution and this is nothing new – for centuries and millennia, humanity has been going through and will continue to go through the process of social evolution until the end of time. As a people, we can react emotionally, rationally, or irrationally and that is a choice. We can get excited, and anxious towards the dawn of the unknown. But whatever our reaction is, life will still go on. History will still judge some more than others and that is okay.

What is important to note is that as we await the dawn of change (which is inevitable), we must focus on what we want rather than focus on what we do not want. When we collectively focus our energy on what we want and only on that alone (without focusing on anything else), our collective energy brings forth exactly that which we desire. Too often as a people, we focus on multiple areas of what we want and what we don’t want or what we think we may want and as a result, we question why our desires are not met – our emphasis – “focus on what it is we want”; specifically, what will that change look like; what our collective and compelling vision is for that change and what is motivating us to want this vision.

When our emotions are high and our expectations of how others should react are not met, we should not warrant an imposition of our expectations on them. Either way, it is my humble opinion that change is inevitable whether what we desire is realized or not. The mass social evolution and mass social revolution comes at a cost. There are some who will naturally pay heavy prices based on the extent to which they fully commit to an issue. There are those who carry heavy burden on the same issue and then there are others who although, share similar beliefs, take a different stance – none is wrong or right and none should be judged – irrespective. In every situation, there are the “movers”; the “shakers” and the “blockers” – and again this is okay. Some people engage openly, others engage privately and then there are others who demonstrate no emotions at all; yet they could all be of the same view. Whatever decision we take must be a decision of conscience and not necessarily based on the perception of the masses – whether we believe in the same course or not. We all manage our emotions, excitements and anxieties differently – publicly or privately.

The time has come for us to question ourselves internally on how we contributed directly or indirectly towards that which we do not desire. When we do that, we must embrace, acknowledge, appreciate and accept that which has happened that is not as we desire as a lesson and focus our energy on what it is we desire; to bring forth our blessings. We all know that for life to get better, there has to be “a storm before the calm”. But come what may, “qui sera sera”. I pray that peace reigns amongst us as we “welcome the dawn of yet a new evolution” whatever that may be – another lesson or blessing.

“Please bear with me as more pondering and reflections download from within"


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