Perception Vs Reality

The relevance of perception in our everyday lives has always been a worthy topic of discussion, on a percentage scale, some have argued that it amounts for about 30% of what we deem our reality, others seem more comfortable with figures upward of 50. Ultimately its all dependent on the individual, collective knowledge, facts and experiences, all which hold creative influence in the minds ability to perceive its reality..

We often confuse perception with reality without appreciating that our perception is the lens through which we view reality of ourselves and others. We must also be mindful not to confuse the lens with that which is being viewed through our perception. Albert Einstein argues that our perception is the “reality of a mere illusion all be it a persistent one”. As a people, we misunderstand and entertain our thoughts and feelings to believe that what we perceive is real to us, thus conclude that they must be true, therefore, how we look at a challenge may be of the challenge itself. We all believe that our perception is reality.

Our individual and collective perceptions ultimately lead to unmet expectations that often prompts our desire to take the “Divine law” into our own hands when our expectations are not met. What we do not realise is that we create a universe by perceiving it, so everything in the universe we perceive is more specific to immediate selves than we’d like to admit. I have always been of the mind that usually when the collective is thinking alike, more often than not there is one with his/her mind elsewhere. There is a gap between our perceptions and reality though, however slight. What we must endeavour is to be observant and notice the difference between the two rather than concluding based on some available evidence.

Our perception creates our thoughts which creates our reality. The reality on the other hand, is the true state of things - how things really are, whether we perceive them to be as such or not. It is important to note that it is we who supply the perceptions and build our beliefs with them. How our reality appears to us says a lot about our perceptions. What is pertinent is that we be mindful not to allow our perception to self-destruct.

“Please bear with me as more pondering and reflections download from within”


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